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4 Famous Celebrities with Dentures, Implants, and Dental Surgery.

Hello Calgary!

Not everyone was born with a perfect natural teeth.  Many popular A-list celebrities have dentures or dental implants to enhance their beautiful facial features. So even celebrities that we love and idolize have “smile problems”. And just like us, they have to visit with a Denture professional or Dental Surgeon. Below is a list of 4 famous people who have had smile makeovers through the use of dentures, veneers, or dental implants.


This incredibly talented Canadian singer had multiple dental procedures done in the early 1990’s. After the dental work was completed, her image improved and her career took off very quickly. Because of her singing, our eyes fixate a lot more on her mouth. Therefore, it was important for her to enhance the appearance of her teeth through dental surgery.



Mr. Clooney is undoubtedly one the biggest sex symbols of this era. But aside from being a Hollywood legend, he is also a human being who grinds his teeth when he feels stressed. In fact, George Clooney owes his dashing smile to a full set of veneers.



Being Jerry Maguire involves some serious dental work. Tom Cruise is known to have straightened his teeth and used teeth whitening to render his signature smile.



Even this natural beauty is known to have used medical dental procedures to achieve this flawless smile. Catherine lengthened her teeth and relied on teeth-whitening procedures to render this picture-perfect face.




Bottom line: even celebrities get professional help in the form of dentures, teeth whitening, or surgery, to enhance their natural features. For more information on how an awesome group of denture professionals can help you achieve a beautiful natural-looking smile, call us at 403.228.5311.