Merry Christmas Calgary!

We wish you health and happiness with your loved ones. As much as we want you to enjoy the holiday season, we’d like to remind our patients that over-indulgence can have an impact on your dental health. Here are some tips from our denture pros to help keep damage to a minimum.



It’s easy for late-night parties to disrupt your oral health routine. However, maintaining a healthy dental routine is incredibly important. Make sure you brush your denture at least once a day. This will remove any plaque or food deposits caused by delicious Christmas gingerbread cookies and sugary snacks. Don’t forget to soak your denture overnight in a denture cleanser.

I thank all my patients for sharing their time and personal successes with our team. During this festive time, I encourage you enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time with family and friends. 




A balanced diet is not always a realistic goal during the holiday season. Drink plenty of water and other healthy liquids. Cheese is one of the few festive indulgences that are great for your dental health so treat yourself to a nibble (or more) at the end of your supper.

This is my first Christmas with Signature 28 and I’ve really enjoyed the new friendships with my team and patients. Merry Christmas to you all and may the joy of this season stay with you throughout the new year. 





Sugar free gum can help with halitosis and keeps your breath fresh. During the holiday season, gum can also stop you from reaching for sugary goodies.

I am grateful for all the faces that have graced our clinic over the last year. I send you my warmest wishes filled with hope and prosperity. Have a wonderful Christmas!








Sleep is always important and the holiday festivities could be disruptive to your regular sleep routine. Be careful with your caffeine and alcohol consumption as these can interfered with your sleep. Try to fit in some short naps throughout the day.

My best wishes to all the incredible patients who have trusted us with their dental health. We look forward to another great year with you. May your home be filled with laughter and warmth during this holiday season.






During the holiday season, we should all try to keep grazing to a minimum. This will give time to your teeth to recover from multiple sugar attacks in between main meals.

Special thanks to our amazing patients as my thoughts turn to those who’ve made our progress possible. In this spirit, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.