SEMCD is an acronym for Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture or, in very basic words, a Suction Lower Denture.

How SEMCD is Different

In the past, a person’s lower denture was designed by a clinician pulling his cheeks and lips to assess the edge or border of the denture. With SEMCD or suction dentures, the clinician leads the patient through a series of sounds and mouth motions to assess the edge or limit of the denture. Therefore, no two dentures are the same, because no two mouths are the same. It’s a completely custom-fitted appliance that allows it to function with unmatched durability and stability.

Primary Benefits of SEMCD Dentures

Better Suction

More Comfortable

Very Accurate Fit

Increased Chewing Confidence

Not Only for Lower Dentures

While the SEMCD technique is most exciting for lower denture wearers, due to the large proportion of this population wearing loose, painful dentures, it is not only for lower denture wearers. The SEMCD technique is often used to render full upper dentures. It is uncommon, but some individuals do have ill-fitting upper dentures, and this is an incredibly successful solution for these patients.

Who Qualifies for Lower Dentures

If you or someone you know have been dealing with either a loose or painful upper or lower denture that is getting food stuck underneath, we give free consultations to help decide if a SEMCD or a suction denture may be a right for you.