Our 5 Favourite Tweets

October 23, 2016 Smile Blog

Last year, we proudly introduced ourselves to the Twitter universe. We have to admit that we were a bit intimidated. After all, our denture clinic is just a small Calgary business that was established 21 years ago. However, 282 tweets and 365 followers later, we are happy to report that we’ve successfully connected with hundreds of beautiful new smiles.

Today, we would like to share some of what we do and love about Twitter. These are our top five favourite tweets:

1. When there’s a happy event in our lives, we SHARE!

Joyful events should never be celebrated alone. Haven’t you heard? The more, the merrier! That is why we are eager to invite our patients to share in the joy of these special moments. Our most recent treat-giving events include Thanksgiving Day and Curtis’ birthday.

Check out the picture of these yummy smiley cookies that were offered in honor of our birthday boy!


2. We’re all about healthy tips

Your oral health matters! We love to share witty & smart tips, posts, or articles that can improve your well-being. If you know of something that could benefit the denture and dental implant community, tweet and share with @Signature_28.


3. We tweet about our awesome patients

Many of our wonderful patients are kind enough to share a written or online review about their experience. We are incredibly grateful for their kind words, and our work would have no purpose without their support. It is important for us to let others know that we do read your testimonials and we truly care about your feedback.


4. Hashtag Calgary

#YYC is one of our favourite hashtags. If there’s something exciting happening in the city (free coffee giveaway locations or family events), we’ll tweet about it!


5. We support local businesses

Keeping our hard-earned dollars in our local Calgary community is one of the best things we can do for our economy. Signature 28 strongly supports small business owners, and we regularly participate in local events held by the Killarney/ Glengarry community association.


Want to connect with us on Twitter? Chirp away and send us a message at @Signature_28. For more information about our denture and dental implant services, call our clinic at (403) 228 5311.