November is a time of change that welcomes the beginnings of winter. We’ve embraced the change by giving our website a fresh new look! Make sure to visit our site often to read about the tips and information that our denture experts have to share. How have you been dealing with this time of change? Have you taken the time to reflect on how you can positively flow with the season changes? Here on some of our best suggestions to rock your fall denture smile.



Time for a Deep Clean

Every surface, whether it is natural or synthetic, gets covered by a thin pellicle of proteins and lipids. Particles stick to this thin layer and if left untreated, this eventually becomes plaque. A lot of our patients are unaware that dentures can also get coated with plaque. In fact, plaque would harden just as it normally would on your natural teeth. This provides a fertile and rich breeding ground for bacteria. If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned your denture in a while, now might be the time to do so.

Our denture experts recommend the following:

  • Use an overnight denture cleanser. There are several products you can choose from at your local pharmacy. Overnight denture cleansers are usually sold in the form of effervescent tablets. Some overnight denture cleansers are effective at safely removing stains.
  • If you are looking for a more “natural” way of cleansing your full denture, use a mixture of equal parts water and distilled white vinegar. Soak overnight.
  • For a boost in flavor, add a minty paste to your denture after you’ve soaked it overnight. These denture pastes can also be found at your local store. They are safe to use on partial and full dentures, and they can helpful with removing stubborn stains.

“Using these products alone won’t be enough for a denture deep cleanse. After you’ve soaked your denture, I recommend you use a soft-bristled brush to remove the debris and plaque off your denture. You can also give your denture a quick rinse with your favourite mouthwash. “

Curtis Wiebe, Clinic Director


How comfortable is your denture?

November is a great time to re-assess your denture needs and book an appointment for a tune-up. Is your denture causing you pain or discomfort? Are you experiencing a loose lower denture? If you don’t already have an appointment scheduled, it might be time to talk to your denture professional to develop a better treatment plan. In most cases, minor adjustments and repairs can fix denture issues.

Our denture experts understand the unique challenges that every patient faces. Our in-house lab can accommodate same-day repairs or relines. Improving your comfort level can be as easy as a quick phone call to our administrative coordinators.


Sleep Well and Smile Bright

Your best denture smile heavily relies on good sleep. If you or your sleeping partner suffer from breathing-related issues during your sleep, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Interruptions to your deep sleep cycles can cause irritability, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal acid reflux, heart disease, and fatigue. To rock out your daytime denture smile, consult with one of our clinic specialists. Curtis Wiebe and Tatem Anderson can craft custom mouth pieces that are incredibly comfortable and effective against mild to moderate sleep apnea. Similar to CPAP machines, our night mouth guards are designed to be worn during your sleep. However, they are less invasive and are easy to care for.


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