6 Tips For Choosing a Calgary Denturist

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If you require denture services, is it worth doing much research about a potential Denturist? You could pick a Denturist that you know or someone who practises in your neighbourhood. In Alberta, all Denturists are licensed professionals who have gone through years of schooling and training for them to practice. They are regulated under the Health Professions Act, and are required to maintain high standards of quality control within their laboratories. If all of these regulations are in place, we could safely presume that any Albertan Denturist is reliable and trustworthy. However, although every Denturist in Alberta should logically be trustworthy, the reality is that you need to pick a Denturist that is right for you. Below are 6 great tips for choosing a Calgary Denturist for your needs:

Do Thorough Online Research

Take the time to go through online testimonials. Be objective and don’t focus on the negative. A good Denturist should have more positive reviews than negative ones. Avoid at all costs if there is an overwhelming amount of negative feedback with multiple reports of clients being scammed. For example, most you can see what others are saying about your potential Denturist on You can see what Signature28 patients are saying here.

Check the Denturist Association of Alberta Website

Go to this website: Based on your current location, you can find approved and licensed Denture professionals who are registered with the College of Alberta Denturists.

Look for an understanding and emphatic Denturist

empathic calgary denturist

Visiting a Denturist can be an intimidating process. Many patients can feel anxious or embarrassed when sharing their personal situations with a Denturist. The staff at your Denturist’s office should have a gentle and compassionate approach that is non-patronizing and non-judgmental. Other essential qualities that your Calgary Denture Professional should have: incredible patience; awesome bedside manners; extraordinary listening skills; ability to remain focused; and great reliability.

Ensure your Calgary Denturist understands your lifestyle

Your Denturist should be diligent and make sure he/she has a thorough understanding of your lifestyle. This is incredibly relevant for the denture to fit well and be comfortable.

Is the supporting cast a team of superstars?

A smart and successful Denturist receives amazing support from their staff. Your Calgary Denturist should have a fantastic office manager who can demonstrate friendly professionalism and incredible tactfulness. Office assistants allow Denturists to remain focused on their patients so they can fully dedicate themselves to your needs, and don’t have to handle administrative tasks.

Does your Calgary Denturist make you smile?

Having dentures may require regular visits. Therefore, it is very important that you get along with your Denturist. Good Denturists can make you feel at ease. GREAT Denturists can make your whole face smile. You should always leave your Denturist’s office with a genuinely positive feeling about your visit.

If you want to talk to an amazing Calgary Denturist for your denture and implant needs, connect with Curtis Wiebe at 403.228.5311. Signature 28 Denture Clinic is conveniently located in the SW Killarney community.

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