4 Essential Tips For Your New Dentures

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Adjusting to your new dentures can be tricky. But don’t worry. Although it may take some practice and time, most new denture users end up finding them comfortable. Today we will share 4 amazing tips on how you can get accustomed to your new dentures.

  1. Keep up your regular eating and drinking practice.

New Denture Tips

Drink lots of water and avoid sticky/ sugary foods. Soups, fruit shakes, and yogurts are great choices. They are packed with excellent nutrients and they are easy to swallow. Raw vegetables, meat, oatmeal, and foods with hard textures are tough on your new dentures. Cut your food into smaller pieces and avoid ingesting large chunks of food.

  1. How to deal with the excess saliva.

Your mouth will usually react to a new denture by producing an excessive flow of saliva. This is because your new denture is initially perceived as a foreign object. This is a temporary discomfort that will slowly subside as you continue wearing your dentures. Sucking on hard candy  can help; you will unconsciously swallow the excess saliva and this may reduce the uncomfortable feeling. Opt for sugar-free hard peppermint candies.

Hyper salivation could be a result of the dentures not being properly sealed. Check the seal on your dentures, and if you are still struggling with excess saliva, talk to your Denturist.

3. Practice your talking by being a chatterbox.

Practice your speech as much as possible. Encourage conversations with your family and friends. Some patients even practice their talking with their pets and plants! The use of a denture can result in sounds or voices being louder. In the event that you hear clicking sounds, try to speak more slowly. Read out loud and continuously repeat words and numbers you have trouble pronouncing. If you experience too much slipping, use a denture adhesive recommended by your Denturist.

4. Don’t give up! Patience is key!

Speech tips for new dentures

Wearing your new denture can be a strange and overwhelming feeling. However, try to remain positive and persistent. Keep wearing your denture as much as possible. The longer you wear your denture, the more control you will have over it.

For more tips on how to deal with your new dentures, don’t hesitate to call Curtis Wiebe at 403.228.5311. Curtis is an experienced Calgary Denturist who is incredibly passionate about his work.

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