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Our clinic has been around for more than 2 decades, and we are very grateful for the smiles that have graced our practice. We’re committed to providing the very best in terms of dentures and dental implants. Over the past two years, our family has grown. We are now able to welcome more guests at our clinic, and need you to spread the word.


If you’ve had work done by Curtis or Sam, please take a few minutes to post a review of your experience on Google. Your feedback is incredibly relevant to how we move forward and improve our services. It will only take a few seconds to give us a rating and post a few words about your overall impression of our staff and products.


You can post a review for Signature 28 Denture Clinic by following these simple steps:

  1. Go on
  2. Type in “Signature 28 Denture Clinic” in the search bar
  3. Look for “Post a Review” on your mobile, or on the right hand side of your PC screen
  4. Give us your star rating (1 to 5), and tell us about your experience


We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to help us! Your review will help other Calgarians learn about our practice. If you need assistance with posting an online review, please contact our friendly coordinators at 403.228.5311


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Joanne's Review of her new lower denture

Joanne recently started wearing her new lower suction denture. Did you know that lower suction dentures are better in quality than traditional ones? Only a few Albertan denturists are qualified to make this specialized lower denture, and Curtis is one of them!



Joanne’s review of her new lower suction denture

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Joanne is a beautiful lady with wonderful gleaming eyes. If not for her great sense of humour and her articulate speech, one would have never guessed that she has struggled with various medical issues for a while.

Back in mid-January, Joanne became one of our beloved guests at the clinic. Joanne told us about her difficulties with her “floating” lower denture and how it impacted her lifestyle. Curtis Wiebe, our clinic director, felt she was a good candidate for the revolutionary Lower Suction Denture, a concept developed by Dr. Jiro Abe.

Last week, we welcomed her back in our office to check in on her. It had been exactly 4 weeks since she started wearing her new Lower Suction Denture. This what she had to say about this high quality product, and her overall experience at the clinic:


Can you tell us what made you want a Lower Suction Denture instead of a traditional one?

I was having a lot of issues with how my lower denture felt in my mouth. It always felt like the denture was “floating” and would not stay still. Another issue that I had was the dryness of my mouth caused by the medication I take. I am diabetic and the medication can cause a lack of moisture in my mouth. A dry mouth and a floating denture do not go well together!

I told Curtis about my difficulties and he told me about this new Suction Denture. He was very patient and answered questions I had about this new type of denture. The pros seemed to outweigh the cons, and I was excited at the idea of finding a permanent solution to my problems. 

How long has it been since you’ve started wearing your new Lower Suction Denture, and how has it impacted your life?

It has been a month since I started using my new Lower Suction Denture. I wear it daily. The difference between my old denture and the new one is simply night and day. Yes, I still have a dry mouth, but I don’t have a floating denture that feels unsettled. This new denture grips firmly to my gum and is very secure. I was concerned about my gum feeling sore, but this has not been an issue. 

The impact on my life has been great! I feel more comfortable with this new denture and I am not embarrassed to show off my smile in public. In fact, I am not worried about my denture falling out when I eat or laugh. It’s really great to enjoy the little things in life without constantly being bothered by my mouth.

Great to hear Joanne!

Tell us about your diet. Has it changed?

My diet was pretty limited before my new denture. I won’t deny that I still avoid extremely hard textured foods. However, I am now able to enjoy grains, nuts, seeds, and most fruits. 

With my old denture, food would often get trapped between my gum and denture. It’s not something I worry about anymore. The Suction Denture is so tight that it is almost impossible for food to get trapped. 

Would you recommend this new Lower Suction Denture to anyone else? 

Absolutely! My understanding is that not everyone is a good fit for this denture, but if you are a good candidate, go for it! This new denture has made a world of difference in my life. 

How would you describe your overall experience with our staff and clinic?

Curtis has always been kind and accommodating. More importantly, he has always made me feel appreciated. Getting dentures can be a sensitive ordeal, but he has always made me feel comfortable. 

I should also mention that the front staff is incredibly caring. Kelly is genuinely kind and understanding. Everyone at the clinic tries really hard to make you feel welcome.


Curtis Wiebe

A word from Curtis Wiebe, Clinic Director and Denturist

Patients who report using the new Lower Suction Denture, have experienced tremendous improvements in terms of speech and lifestyle. Keep in mind that approximately 80% of the denture population is a good match for this type of denture. To find out if this is the right lower denture for you, come over for a friendly chat at our SW clinic.

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Disclaimer: Joanne is an actual patient of Signature 28 Denture Clinic, 75, 1935 37th St SW Calgary, AB T3E 3A4. All media content and review was approved by the patient and is intended for informative and educational purposes only. 

How Signature 28 can help you with an OUTSTANDING lower denture


What is the most common complaint about dentures? Answer: Lower Dentures. 

The fact is that all lower dentures have to operate in a highly mobile and active environment. Your lips and tongue will often unconsciously dislodge your lower denture. This can be a significant issue when you are trying to speak, chew, and swallow. Lower dentures that are loose and do not fit well can cause pain and soreness in your gums. In addition, traditional lower dentures can cause food to get trapped underneath it, resulting in unwanted problems or infections.

How can Signature 28 help with your lower denture issues?

Traditional lower dentures are fitted by pulling on the patient’s cheeks and lips to determine the proper edge/ border of the denture. Signature 28’s Curtis Wiebe recently became an SEMCD certified denturist, and can provide our patients with a custom fitted lower denture. This lower denture has many wonderful advantages, including tremendous stability and improved suction.

When you consult with Curtis, you will go through a series of sound tests and mouth movements. The process is longer than if you were to get a traditional lower denture, but the benefits are worth the thorough examination. When using the SEMCD technique, no two dentures are alike. Curtis will provide you with an amazing product that is unique to your specific mouth.

Will this new lower denture work for everyone?

Not everyone is a good candidate for an SEMCD denture. About 80% of the denture population could potentially be a good fit for this great product. There is absolutely no harm in getting a personal evaluation, and we encourage all of our patients to book an appointment at our clinic.


What are the most significant advantages of this new lower denture?


  • Your new suction denture is designed to work in perfect harmony with your jaw muscles. No more clicking sounds!
  • There is tremendous suction achieved
  • Unsurpassed stability and rentention
  • You can wear your denture permanently and not just for special occasions
  • Patients will not require as much “adaptive capacity” and can adjust to a suction denture faster than when wearing a conventional denture
  • Tooth positions are manually set by the Denturist so that they work well with your facial muscles
  • Special gingival contouring and shaping of the denture creates a much more natural appearance
  • Better pronunciation
  • Improved lifestyle



Want to know more about suction dentures?

Learn more about Dr. Abe, the inventor of the lower suction denture.



Starting 2018 on a Happy Note

Smile Blog

We’re off to great start!

Last year, we welcomed hundreds of big smiles at our clinic. This year, we expect your smiles to be even bigger! Here’s why…

Kelly celebrated her third anniversary at the clinic

Three years ago, we welcomed Kelly Lee in the Signature 28 family. Kelly works hard to make our patients feel comfortable and appreciated. Her determination, strength, and positive attitude, have been a great inspiration for all of us. We feel privileged to have her as a colleague and as friend.



Curtis Wiebe is a certified SEMCD denturist

If you feel like your lower denture is “floating” and does not feel stable, we strongly recommend you discuss this with a certified SEMCD denturist. Curtis is one of the few SEMCD denturists in Alberta. The Lower Suction Denture Technique was developed by Japanese Dr. Jiro Abe, and involves a revolutionary method that enhances suction in lower dentures. The main advantage of this revolutionary technique involves the special contouring of the denture base, resulting in positive improvements when it comes to chewing and speaking.


We can help with your dental implant needs

Did you know that we can also help with your dental implant needs? Aside from being experts in denture care, we also collaborate with your dental professional to produce superior quality dental implants. Dental implants can drastically improve your health and lifestyle. If you think you would be a good candidate for dental implants, talk to Curtis Wiebe or Sam Khalil. Our in-house denturists are more than happy to answer your questions, and will develop a unique plan that will accommodate your specific needs.

We have extended our business hours

A few months ago, we extended our business hours to better accommodate our patients’ schedules. We’re even open on Saturdays! To book an appointment, please contact Kelly or Anne at 403.228.5311.

Check Out our Extended Business Hours


Let’s chat!

When you come in for a visit, you will meet with professionals who genuinely care about the best dental care for you and your family. With decades of combined experience, Curtis and Sam have helped hundreds of patients achieve their best smiles. You will always be treated with respect and kindness. Don’t delay your dreams and connect with us today!


What’s the big deal with SEMCD certified denturists?

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We are proud to announce that our in-house denturist, Curtis Wiebe, is a certified SEMCD (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture) practitioner. Up until now, it was widely believed that suction on lower dentures was almost impossible. In fact, many thought that costly implants was the only solution to greater stability in lower dentures. Dr. Jiro Abe, a Japanese dental clinician, is the brilliant mind behind this revolutionary concept. The SEMCD method has received tremendous praise from professional dental clinicians. Find out why dealing with an SEMCD certified denturist might positively change your life:


Greater Suction results in less movement when speaking

The SEMCD technique ensures great suction in your lower denture. As a result, your denture won’t be prone to movement while you speak. There won’t be clicking sounds, and you will not sound different.

SEMCD dentures are more comfortable than conventional dentures

Patients who have tried both SEMCD dentures and conventional ones, report experiencing less soreness with their SEMCD lower denture. The adjustment period is significantly reduced and you can carry on with your normal day-to-day activities without feeling discomfort in your gums.

The fit is more accurate

An SEMCD professional can achieve a superior fit, resulting in a denture that feels “right” and natural. The requirement for a fixative is very minimal.

Enjoy your favourite foods

SEMCD dentures provide a secured sense of chewing. Your diet will not be limited to soft foods, and you can safely enjoy harder textured foods such as apples, nuts, and grains.

 A word from Curtis Wiebe:

” I can confidently say that the Suction Effective Mandibular Denture method offers tremendous advantages over conventional dentures. I have received incredible feedback from our patients who are enjoying the benefits of this new suction denture. If you think you would be a good candidate for this new suction denture, please call 403.228.5311 and come over for a friendly chat.”


Let's chat! Book Appointment Today


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

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Hello Calgary!

We would like to thank all of our patients for being part of our lives. May Christmas spread lots of cheer in your homes. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

A little smile

A word of cheer

Lots of love from someone near

Your Signature 28 team wishes you the very best for this coming year…

Check out what we’ve been up to!

Smile Blog

Over the past few weeks, we had the privilege to meet a lot of new smiles. Due to the growing demands on our staff, we have expanded by family with two more people. Check out what we’ve been up to since our last blog post!

Our website recently got a fresh new look to celebrate the introduction of new team members. You will now be able to view our updated business hours, and read about our associate denturist, Sam Khalil. Sam is an incredibly talented denturist who has tremendous love for this business. To book your next appointment with Sam, call us 403.228.5311.



We remain the best denture clinic in Calgary

Your online reviews are greatly appreciated and your encouraging comments are passed on to our staff. From the time you walk in the office, we try our best to make your experience seamless and memorable. Thanks to your positive 5-star ratings, our clinic remains the best medical facility on RateMD.




 We welcomed some new recruits! 

We brought fresh blood to the team! It is with great delight that we welcomed Geoff and Anne in our family. Geoff, our new dental technician, is a Montreal Canadian fan and is the proud owner of an adorable cat, Mr. Bentley. Anne, our administrative coordinator, is a big animal lover who strongly believes in community and charity work.

You can read more about our new staff in our upcoming blog posts!


Happy Birthday Curtis!

Curtis Wiebe, our clinic director and denturist, recently celebrated his birthday. As the years go by, he continues to work hard for his team and his patients.  We are proud to call him our leader, and wish him great health and happiness.

Calgary Denturist

Read my Bio on


Signature 28 is one of the most popular denture clinics in the city. However, we do more than dentures. We also offer dental implant and professional teeth whitening services. For more information on whether these may be right for you, talk to one of our dental specialists.



Book an appointment with Kelly or Anne (403) 228 5311


2017 Spring Clinic News

Smile Blog

Every season brings renewed energy to our lives. This spring is no different and brings about great positive changes to our clinic. Check out our latest news to see what how spring brought even more joy and laughter to our clinic.


Our team is incredibly excited to welcome our newest recruit: Sam Khalil. Make no mistake- this newbie is not an industry rookie. Sam is a talented denturist who has a lot to offer in terms of experience and knowledge. If you are looking for one of Calgary’s best denturist to help with your denture and dental implant needs, make sure to book an appointment with him at your earliest convenience. Please note that the initial consultation is free of charge.

Stay tuned for a future blog post about Sam’s life and career…


Curtis, our clinic’s director, insists on everyone keeping up with our educational and professional development. We recently participated in courses and conferences that help us stay abreast of the latest changes in the denture and dental implant industry. Our clinic is known for using smart and enhanced technologies. Continuing education remains one of our biggest priorities as we strive to provide you with the best services in the business.



For the past 4 years, Kelly, our administrative coordinator, has participated in the annual Spring Sprint event in an effort to raise awareness about brain tumours. Kelly’s relatives are among the thousands of people who have lost a loved one to a brain tumour. We are very proud of her great work and we hope you can support her hard work by making a small donation to her team.




It is a real privilege to work with incredible Calgarians who continue to love and support us. We remain dedicated to providing the best dental care in the denture and dental implant industry, which is why we spend time reviewing any feedback you have for us on RateMDYellow Pages  Better Business Bureau (BBB)and Google

We are very thankful for your positive reviews and we are pleased to let you know that we are still the best rated medical facility in Calgary. If you want to let us how we can improve our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing kelly at [email protected] You can also post your personal review online. We check our reviews daily and we want you to voice your opinion.



Our mother is one of life’s greatest gifts. Mothers are our biggest supporters and friends. Many of our patients are accompanied by their caring children. Taking your mom to a dental appointment is a simple, but yet loving gesture. We often take for granted how simple can touch others. We are very grateful for all the amazing, supportive, loving, graceful, selfless, strong, and beautiful mothers around the world.



Our clinic is conveniently located in the SW community of Killarney, close to Sarcee Trail and Crowchild Trail. The neighbourhood is full of blooming trees and the streets are buzzing with activity. Killarney is a beautiful part of the city and we are truly proud to be part of this terrific community. We’ve been around for more than 2 decades and we work hard to represent our community in the best possible ways.

For more information on the Killarney-Glengarry community association, click here: Community association activities and events


Come on over and share your spring stories with us! Our experts will be more than happy to offer their guidance regarding your denture or dental implant needs. Call Kelly, our happiness engineer, at 403.228.5311. You can also visit us #75 1935 37th St SW, close to the Esso gas station.


8 Most Common Questions about Your New Denture

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Everyday, our Calgary denture clinic welcomes a wide variety of beautiful smiles. Each patient have a unique medical history and different oral health expectations. Despite these distinct differences in personalities and needs, our patients share one thing in common: a tremendous desire to gather more information about how dentures will impact their lifestyle. Here is a list of the frequently asked questions at our clinic:

1. I’m a first-time denture user. I’ve heard horrible stories about the adjustment period. Will my gums be that sore?

There is no denying that the adjustment period varies from individual to individual. We cannot accurately predict how sore or uncomfortable the first few days will be for each first-time patient. Despite some people having negative experiences with their dentures, it is important for you to have an open mind and to remain positive about your personal outcome. A positive attitude is often the key to a quicker recovery. We always welcome questions- our goal is to provide answers based on medical research and statistics.

Our staff works hard to ensure that your denture fits properly. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. In some cases, patients could develop pressure points or sore spots during the adjustment period. Our denture pros, Curtis and Sam, can do minor adjustments that can rectify the problem and quickly bring added relief.

2. I am worried about my denture affecting my speech. Will I sound differently when I speak?

Dentures can potentially affect your speech, but this is mostly temporary. In fact, your denture should not interfere with your speech if it fits well and is securely positioned against the roof of your mouth. Remember: dentures take a little bit more space than your actual teeth, but if they are sized properly, your speech should not be affected at all. At the time of delivery, Sam or Curtis will provide you with some easy and simple tricks to help with your speech.

3. What about my facial appearance? Will my new denture change the way I look?

The simple answer is: yes. Initially, you will look and feel different. Others might notice the change as well, but patients report getting many compliments for their new appearance. Dentures provide tremendous support to your facial muscles. It is therefore natural for your face to instantly feel “lifted”. You should feel normal again within a very short period of time.

4. Do I have to wear my denture all the time, 24/7?

You should wear your dentures as much as possible, but the ultimate choice is yours as to when and how often you wear them. We also recommend that you sleep without your denture. Some patients report sleeping with their denture. If you insist on wearing it during your sleep, just remember to brush it at least once a day to remove plaque and food debris. You should also brush and massage the underlying tissues with a soft brush.

5. What about the cost? Will my new denture “break the bank”?

New technology and advanced research have made it possible to make dentures incredibly affordable. The investment is definitely worth it, especially since quality dentures can last more than a decade. Your insurance coverage can help with the associated costs of your new denture. Our administrative coordinator, Kelly Lee, is very knowledgeable regarding insurance claims and will guide you throughout the process.

Signature 28 Denture Clinic recognizes that everyone has a unique financial situation. Calgary’s economic recession has made it challenging for some to care for their dental needs. We don’t want this to stop you from getting the care you deserve. Our clinic can present you with different payment options that bring relief to your personal wallet.

Some Albertans may receive financial assistance from our provincial government. This depends on your age and household income. Check out one of our previous blog posts regarding financial aid for dental and denture needs.


6. Do I have to clean my denture after every single meal?

Brushing and cleaning your denture after every meal is not always practical, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. We do recommend cleaning your denture at least once a day, and if possible, shortly after a meal. Armed with a good denture brush and cleaner, you should thoroughly scrub away dirt, plaque, and debris. We strongly discourage using a bleaching agent. This can change the appearance of your denture and cause discoloration.

7. How long do I have to wait to receive my new denture?

Our denturists and lab technician need time to craft the new denture and refine every detail to ensure the best comfortable fit. We do understand and appreciate every patient’s unique situation. For medical reasons, some of our patients need their denture as quickly as possible. We try our very best to accommodate our clients’ needs. Our in-house lab makes it easier to work on your denture within a shorter period of time.

8. Will I be able to eat normally with my new denture?

Realistically, it will take some time to get used to your denture. You will have to learn how to chew again. During the first few days, eating might be challenging, but with time and practice, you will be able to enjoy most foods, including hard-textured ones.

You can read our online reviews to check out what our patients experienced in terms of eating. We are happy to report that you don’t have to give up your preferred diet and the foods you love. Our dentures are comfortable and resilient enough for you to eat almost anything you want, except for jawbreaker candy!


Ready to chat about your new denture? Book a confidential appointment with us by calling 403.228.5311.

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