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March 4, 2017 Smile Blog


For those of you who dread a medical appointment and a conversation with a grumpy receptionist, prepare to be blown away. Kelly, our administrative coordinator, has recently celebrated her second anniversary at the clinic. I’ve known Kelly for a long time; she is a beautiful and smart woman, who never misses an opportunity to help or listen. Armed with a witty sense of humour, and incredible charm, Kelly has made it possible to provide a unique individualized experience for each patient.  It’s no wonder why Kelly has received some outstanding positive reviews online and in-person.

I recently met with Kelly to find out more about her work and personal interests. Here is her story:

Thanks for having me over Kelly! Let’ start by talking about your first beginnings in the dental industry. Can you tell me more about that?

Ever since grade 1, I always was interested in teeth. I really wanted to be a Dentist. Sixteen years ago, I graduated with a Dental Business Assistant certificate. I immediately integrated the dental industry, and quickly became an expert at front-end duties and administration.  Initially, I worked for dental family practices, and even had the opportunity to briefly work for a clinic that focused on special needs clients.

My work in the denture industry began in January 2015, when I became part of the Signature 28 family.



What is a typical day like at the clinic?

Each day presents itself with different opportunities and challenges. I get to meet new faces, help with insurance claims, organize marketing events with our local community, and share in the joy of our patients experiencing their “improved smiles”. Our patients deserve a clean and sanitary environment to feel comfortable and happy, which is why I am extremely meticulous when I sterilize instruments and set up the operatory equipment. It is also my responsibility to create a positive environment for our staff and patients. On some days, I inject my feminine touch in the office -I am the only woman in the team-  and enjoy putting up the decorations for special events and festivities such as Christmas. 




What is your secret ingredient to creating a positive experience for your patient?

I am fully aware that a lot of people do not look forward to their dental or denture appointments. My goal is to alleviate any sentiments of fear and anxiety that my patients have. Turning a frown upside down takes commitment, kindness, and patience.Ultimately, I want to exceed their expectations and make them feel appreciated. Before every appointment, I prepare myself as if I was to receive a guest in my own home. Over the years, I’ve learned that little things make a big difference. I always greet them with a big smile and I even try to remember what their tea and coffee preferences are. Last February, for Valentine’s Day, I had the idea of giving each patient a long stemmed Gerber daisy, tied with a bow. We wanted our clients to know how appreciative we were of their trust. If you are genuinely caring, this will contribute to a beautiful and memorable experience.



Thank you. I agree; little things do make a tremendous difference in terms of overall experience. Let’s talk about what your family life. Can you tell me more about that?

I met my husband, Adam, at my best friend’s wedding. We have been happily married for four years and share our home with two cats. In the future, we would be happy to grow our family with a dog and kids. We are serious Calgary Flames fans and love going out for sushi. We also love cuddling with our cats while we watch a good crime or mystery movie.

My immediate family doesn’t live far from us. I have a brother who recently got married, and who lives in Calgary. My parents are part of the Chestermere community, and have been married for 45 years. On weekends, our family will often get together to spend time at our cabin.




45 years? Wow! Impressive!You always look incredibly stylish. I know that you are involved with the Stella & Dot brand. Are there any other organizations that support?

I do work part-time for Stella & Dot. This has given me the opportunity to expand my network of friends and the perks are very rewarding! Stella and Dot also features pieces that support great causes and organizations such as the military and autism.

Aside from Stella & Dot, I do support the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. My brother and I have participated in many events that increase brain tumour awareness. Last year, at the Annual Sprint event, we lead a team to raise money for the Brain Tumour Foundation. We also did it in memory of our beautiful sister, Darla.



This is a great organization. Thank you for sharing. Can you tell me about your team and what the meaning of “teamwork” at the clinic?

In my opinion, everyone here is an expert in their craft. We all have a unified vision of what to deliver in terms of products and services. As a team, we attend courses and conferences at least 2 or 3 times a year. We also get together once a month for a nice lunch. During our meeting, we will review the clinic’s progress. Communication is extremely important to us, and we constantly talk to each other to make sure we move forward as a cohesive collaborative force. We work well with each other, and because we spend so much time at the clinic, the team has become my second family…


Want to chat with our superstar coordinator? Call the clinic at 403.228.5311. You can also email your thoughts to Kelly at: [email protected] 

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