4 Reasons Why We Are The BEST Denture Clinic in Calgary

November 11, 2016 Smile Blog

Online reviews make it possible for everyone to make an educated decision about their future purchases. Before you consult a denturist, we encourage you to read about what others have to say. Reviews pertaining to medical services are readily available on Facebook, RateMD.com, Twitter, and Google. It is your right to carry out your own personal investigation before you commit.Our clinic has been around for two decades, and we understand the power of positive reviews. Our clients’ satisfaction is something we value above anything else. We work hard (really hard!) to provide a memorable experience, because we know that:

“Together with you, our clinic can be something big”

Here are 4 reasons why we offer the best in the denture industry:

1. We offer superior quality dentures

Signature 28 Denture Clinic uses the latest technological tools to create dentures that are incredibly durable. Our patients report very little or no soreness after the adjustment period. Our dentures are designed to fit comfortably and mesh well with the rest of your natural teeth.


2. You will always be greeted with warmth and kindness

Our patients share intimate stories and details about their lives and medical histories. Your trust is unequivocally our most precious gift. You have our assurance that you will always be treated with the utmost respect.

dentist-and-child-flat-clip-previewDuring your consultation with us, you should expect:

  • A non-judgmental approach. We are very understanding of everyone’s personal circumstances. You should never feel embarrassed or guilty about your situation.
  • A powerful positive experience. We want you to leave feeling appreciated. Discussing your oral health can be stressful. We focus on the positive aspects of your recovery and we work with you to design a good treatment plan.

3. We are open to all your questions and concerns.

Nothing is off limits! You should never be afraid to share your concerns with us. Our staff will address your questions in a respectful manner. There is no reason to think that your question would be too “silly” to ask. We strongly encourage you to tell us what could be sources of worry for you. It is our duty to provide you with relevant information that can help with your personal decisions.

Did you know that your initial consultation is free? It is a good opportunity for you to deliver your questions.


4. We have a 5-star rating on RateMD

Our denture clinic is the number 1 rated medical facility in Canada. We are the top publicly rated denture clinic in Calgary, and we are extremely proud to be known as the best in the business. We also have excellent reviews on Facebook and Google.

5-starCheck out our online reviews by clicking on these links:

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Let’s talk!

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Because of us, you can laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a LOT MORE!